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Gemological Centers (GCI) is a group of gemological laboratories located worldwide, aimed at providing gemological services to the international industry of diamonds, precious stones and jewelry, at the highest possible professional and scientific level.

GCI operates gemological laboratories in Israel, India, Russia, Thailand and Japan, with additional projects coming up in , USA, China, Latin America and Dubai, as well as other major trade centers across India.

At GCI every individual is a trained professional, endowed with the highest standards of gemological knowledge, a commitment to integrity and has, in fact, devoted his entire career to the gemological center GCI.

Gemological Centers (GCI) is an ISO 9001 registered company for its International Quality Standards, and operates subject to the stiff regulation of the AGL and the GIA cut grading standards, as well as the rules of the World Federation of Diamond Burses (WFDB).

Each of our gemological laboratories is equipped with the most advanced and up-to-date technology available, to assess (at the highest possible level) the authenticity and quality of your diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. GCI Gemological Laboratories constantly strives to protect diamond manufacturers, traders and consumers, by providing them with the most accurate and precise information on their precious stones and by offering comprehensible gem grading reports for all kinds of precious stones (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearls and others), jewelry and simulants, grading each stone with exhaustive details supported by the latest technology, including fancy color and fancy shapes grading, and 4 C's grading (cut, clarity, color, carat weight). It is these professional services, offered only by the Gemological Center GCI that can give your business a competitive advantage.

GCI also operates the Gemolog College- the college for diamonds, gemstones and jewelry Israel, which is a study center for specialization studies in gemology, with emphasis on skill implementation at a practical level (at a work place). At the Gemology College - high teaching standards are the prime condition to ensure professional and academic quality courses conducted by experienced gemologists. The Gemology College, strives to grant its graduates the most updated knowledge to assist them in every domain of the diamond trade branches and helps them comprehend the world of gemology. Therefore, the gemological college provides courses and further education programs, in subjects related to the diamond, precious stones and jewelry branches. Graduates who pass the polish course exams receive a D.G. diploma. Graduating all 3 courses will award the graduates a G.G. (graduate gemologist) diploma.

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