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As a universal standard institute, the gemological laboratories of GCI always rely on advanced technology to meet the latest trend of the gem trade business. We use some of the most sophisticated diamond testing equipment to achieve an uncompromising commitment to quality and precision in gemstones and diamond grading. These hi-tech testing devices not only provide the required gemological information but also help to unfold the mysteries contained in the art and science of gemology. In order to perform a precise and comprehensive gemological test, it is vital to have the right tools assorted to the right knowledge and experience. We maintain our labs to the highest industry standards of technology and are constantly upgrading them. The following is an insight on some of the instruments used by the gemological
laboratories of GCI:
These instruments are a part of a meticulous series of steps in the gemstones and diamond identification process which includes visual examination by highly trained experts as well as other advanced instrumentation.

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