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Gemstones Certification

In order to avoid fraudulence and deceit when buying a gemstone, it is highly recommended to have a professional examination of the gemstone performed by a certificated gemological laboratory. GCI is a professional independent authority which performs professional examination on your gemstones, according to the strict standards customary to the gemology field, and subject to the decisions and regulations of higher authorities, among which the WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Exchange) and the ICA (International Color-gemstones Association). A certificate issued by the GCI gemological laboratories includes sorting and identification of the stone and authenticity check, as well as comprehensive information regarding your gemstone which includes treatments detection such as heating, oiling, irradiation, fracture filling, color enhancement etc. all of which - based on accurate, precise and credible results, and supported by the most up-to-date and sophisticated equipment in the market. Source/ origin identification, if determinable, is also available upon request.

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