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Gemological Centers (G.C.I.) Ltd

In Israel today there is only one address that combines all the gemological services you need: the Gemological Center(G.C.I), the Japan Technical Gem Laboratory -T.G.L (Israel) and the Gemological College.
These three companies collaborate respectively in a unique manner, to provide – apart from basic international gemological services, various additional valuable services.
Over the past few years, diamonds, gemstones and jewelry consumers have come to realize, that it is no longer possible to rely on the seller's word regarding the quality and value of his diamonds and gemstones. Therefore, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers from all over the world, have started supporting their business with official certificated gemological reports, issued by an objective and professional gemological laboratory, rather than the ones issued by the wholesalers.

Gemological Centers Inc (GCI) Israel has merged with the Japanese Technological Gemological Laboratories T.G.L. - a member in the Japanese Association of Gemological Laboratories (AGL), and together they collaborate, under the stiff regulations of the AGL – the Japanese Association of Gemological Laboratories, to meet the important Japanese and East Asian demand for guaranteed certificates.

We provide you with a large variety of gemological services ,from gem treatments detection and identification , to gem grading and certification ,as well as educational services which include tailor made courses in 10 different languages.

The head of the Gemological Center (GCI) is Mr. Yehuda Yacar. Mr. Yacar is a pioneer in establishing gemology in Israel; he brings 25 years of specialist experience as a graduate gemologist (GIA, New-York). He is the General Manager of the Gemological Laboratories, and the chief gemologist of GCI. He is one of the leading gemologists in the world in knowledge and research of diamond and gemstones grading, identification and treatment, and the head of the Gemological College (Israel) (the College for Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry)

Long standing experience and expertise of over 25 years in gemological services has made GCI a name to trust in expert diamond and gemstones grading. A certificate issued by GCI is a stamp of quality as far as your diamonds, gemstones or jewelry are concerned, with the flexibility to accommodate your special gemological needs. The GCI Gemological Laboratories operates within the known values of "the Simplicity of Fidelity" as is well known in the diamond industry, together with tradition, experience, and integrity – with an emphasis on technological progress. The leaders of GCI Gemological Laboratories believe in providing long term services as gemological suppliers of the highest professional standards. Renowned for their high standards, the gemological laboratories GCI have an unsurpassed reputation for reliability, integrity and efficiency in gemological services.
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