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Mission Statement
The Simplicity of Fidelity
  1. Our commitment is excellence.
  2. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of professionalism and service.
  3. Our commitment is to lead the way for diamonds and jewelry industry around the world.
  4. Our commitment is to create an environment in which each member of our staff, as well as stockholders, can maximize their potential while practicing honesty, dignity and professionalism.
  5. Our commitment is to prevail and become the preferred gemological laboratory, dedicated to understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  6. Our commitment is to use the most sophisticated and advanced high tech technology and equipment.

We believe that it is only through this vision, combined with action, that success will be achieved for our company and for our stockholders.

G.C.I is founded on the following values and objectives:

INTEGRITY: Consistent and sound moral principles, where words and actions are the same thing.

COMMUNICATION: Building trust and coordinated teamwork, both within the company and with our stockholders, through continuous, open communication.

ALL-OUT COMMITMENT: Dedication to the goal of excellence in service and complete customer satisfaction.

FINANCIAL INTEGRITY: Earnings to support long term growth and financial management that is responsive to the company’s suppliers and customers.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Creating an environment in which each individual can realize his full potential.

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