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Welcome to the website of Universal Gemological Laboratories – G.C.I. The use of GCI’s website is under your full agreement to the “Terms of use”.

  1. The contents of this website are meant for general information purposes only. The contents of this website do not substitute professional counseling. The contents do not convey gemological ideas or professional opinion or substitute gemological counseling by anyone who has GCI authorization.
  2. The information and contents of this website are given without any sort of warranty. Users will have no claim, demand, argument or lawsuit pertaining to the contents of this website.
  3. GCI has complete copyright over this website. No copying, distributing or transferring any of the contents of this website without prior written authorization of GCI management.
  4. Use of this website complies with and bounded under the law of the State of Israel.
  5. All hearings in regards of the use to this website will be held at authorized courts in Israel only and under the order and regulations that are customary in the Israeli Diamond-Exchange.
  6. GCI management reserves the right to change any detail of the contents of the website without prior notice.

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